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The Skills Hub provides access to a vast library of resources on substance misuse treatment interventions. It is based on the skills framework developed by the Skills Consortium with help from the NTA and – as a result – initially focuses on drug treatment. Populating and extending the Hub is an ongoing task to which the Skills Consortium hopes the field will actively contribute.

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ROLL OVER the elements of the skills framework below for an explanation of the phases of drug treatment. CLICK to go direct to interventions used in that Treatment Phase.

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Skills Consortium process diagram Reintegration Engagement Preparation Change Completion Review/Plan/Optimise Review/Plan/Optimise Review/Plan/Optimise Review/Plan/Optimise

Level of completion

Over the coming months – and with your help – we will be adding more resources to the Skills Hub. This indicator will show how we are doing.

Treatment delivery:

Once you have clicked on a treatment phase from the diagram above, you will be able to filter your search by treatment delivery (see key below for category definitions).



Keyworking includes elements of keyworking/case management which drive and support all clients' treatment journeys

Keywork interventions

Keywork interventions are the psychosocial and other interventions that every keyworker should have the competencies to deliver


Keywork+ interventions are those requiring additional competencies, training and supervision structures


High intensity or specialist includes interventions requiring specialist competencies, training and supervision structures, as well as specialist services

Resources for service improvement:

For resources on service improvement click on one of the links below:

Organisational functioning and technology transfer Guidance, tools, competences and other resources on organisational functioning and technology transfer.

Thinking about families and social support networks explores the role of families and social support networks in drug treatment.

Resources for specific substances:

For resources on specific substances click on one of the links below:

Alcohol Guidance, evidence, manuals and other resources on psychosocial and pharmacological interventions for dependent alcohol users.

Opiates Guidance, evidence, manuals and websites on interventions for opiate users.

Stimulants Guidance, evidence, manuals and websites on psychosocial interventions for stimulant users.

Cannabis Manuals and websites on psychosocial interventions for cannabis users.